New Students’ Leaders

Our new leaders have been elected.

The former and new leaders had a speech for all the students.

New leaders are very excited to promote our school.

We are looking forward to join their activities.

This is a photo of our students’ leaders of the last and this year.

Next writing is a comment of the new Student Council President.
I’m full of motivation to be elected the student council president.
We in the school government will promote activities such as international exchange, or manner- improvement. I’ll do my best as the leader of our school, having contact with other committees and with our junior high school!!

Please look forward to our blog being updated.

“Ninomiya,” the mascot character of the Library Committee, was taken up by the local newspaper.

The name “Ninomiya” is taken from the famous Japanese person Ninomiya Kinjiro.

He was a symbol of thrift and diligence.

She was selected by a vote from the candidates which many students thought about, because the mascot has the qualities of Ninomiya Kinjiro.

The Library Committee carries out many programs so that lots of students learn the fun of reading.

There are a lot of interesting books, so you should visit there!

I’m sure you will be glad you did!!

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Guest From USA

On March 18th, Isabella came to Hiroshima.
She is the president of our sister school in Massachusetts, USA.
We introduced our city and school to Bella.

Isabella represented the United States at the G7 Youth Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Hiroshima.
She took part in a series of panel discussions focusing on the bombing of Hiroshima during World War II and the current status of world peace.

We were very happy to meet her!

She ate some Japanese dishes and tried using chopsticks.

It seemed to be difficult, but she could use it very well.

We got a lot of awesome souvenirs from her!
We are extremely happy!!

This is the photo of our principal and Isabella.

We’re looking forward to seeing her again.

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4 students and 1 teacher from the Philippines came to our school.
Their school is Ateneo de Naga High School.
There was a welcome party during noon recess.

They take some classes and go the school excursion with the first year students at senior high school.
They introduced themselves in Japanese in front of all the students of the school.

We hope that they will have a brilliant time here at our school.

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An Election

Japanese election system has been changed, and the right to vote will be extended to 18-year-olds.
This change will begin with the House of Councilors election in July this year.
Some people in the twelfth grade will participate in a vote for the first time.
Ahead of it, the officer election of the student council of our senior high school was carried out on April 14.

The next photograph is of the 12th-grade bulletin board.

A news poster from the government about the right to vote is on the top of right corner.

On the left, Sessatakuma, the goal of the 12th-grade is displayed.


“Sessatakuma” is an idiom in four Chinese characters.
Sessatakuma means working hard and bringing out the best in each other.

And the poster of the candidates for the student council officer election is also displayed.
There are some where only the name is written with a writing brush and others which have a slogan.


“Futoufukutsu” means that I am not discouraged even if something is difficult, and that I do not easily give up.

In addition, there was one in which they drew a three dimensional poster and portrait; this was posted on another place.

We carried out the attendance speech meeting that in which the candidates met all members and then the members voted after awards.

We will give an introduction of the new officers some other time.

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St. Julie

200 years have passed since St. Julie, who established our school, passed away.
We prayed for the prosperity of the Sisters of Notre Dame on the anniversary of St. Julie’s death.

Our sister school in Liverpool, UK started an interesting campaign.
The campaign aims at keeping St. Julie’s words in our minds by taking pictures together with the character of St. Julie.
They made the character-design of St Julie and sent her on a trip all over the world.

The following is a quote from the webpage of our sister school.

Join in the fun. Here is an invitation from St. Julie’s Catholic High School in Woolton, Liverpool, UK ~ The Global Adventures of Flat Julie
2016 is a special year for us, as it marks two centuries since St. Julie died and so we’re celebrating 200 years of her amazing legacy. We decided to show how we keep St. Julie in our lives by taking Flat Julie on a tour of our school.


We immediately made a poster to introduce this action.

There are a lot of unique pictures.

One teacher took a picture on her desk in the teacher’s room.

We will introduce unique pictures, with St. Julie in them, to our sister schools that are all over the world.


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SHAPE Hiroshima

On March 20th, I participated in “SHAPE Hiroshima,” Asia Pacific Conference of Global Shapers Community. It was held under the theme of “Peace”, aiming to shape sustainable peace.

More than 100 “Global Shapers” gathered at Hiroshima from all over the world.
I was born and raised in Hiroshima, and l’ve been studying about Peace for about 10 years.
However, we only thought about the process, ” Know→Think→Send” and we didn’t put it into action.
I can’t explain well, but I didn’t like the situation where we have a theory but can change nothing in reality.
I even wondered if there was any point thinking about it at all.

So I participated in this because by attending SHAPE and listening to the talks of many people from different environments, I’d like to look for something more concrete and doable, ongoing actions l can do.

Until now, I could only come up with sending out our messages by taking advantage of living in Hiroshima.
However, I realised that there is a way of contribution to world peace based on the appeals of the companies and groups.

I definitely share with the other students at school the ideas that I gained from the
discussions and speeches during the time I spend with the Shapers.
Furthermore, I’d like to put it into action myself.

I will do my best for what I can do now here in Hiroshima!


Please look forward to our blog being updated.

Sorry for late update of this blog.

The spring break is over, and we had the opening ceremony of the first term today.
It was rainy today, so the cherry blossoms, which are the most popular symbol of Japanese spring and the entrance ceremonies, got wet.
It’s a pity for all of us.

We took the next picture yesterday.

As it’s the first day of being in a new class, students were looking forward to get information about their new classmates and the new teachers.
The second and third grade students of both junior and senior high school gathered in the gymnasium and the ceremony began.
In the ceremony, our principal told us that people can achieve their goals only when they continue to make effort.
These words inspired me a lot.
I feel so excited and a little nervous to have lots of new experiences through this year.

This year, we have new three teachers.
They were introduced by our principal.

After the opening ceremony, we held the entrance ceremony for the first grade students of senior high school.
Here are pictures of the entrance ceremony.

Representatives from the new-students and from the students currently enrolled made speeches.

In the afternoon, the entrance ceremony for the new students of the junior high school were held.
The new students looks very nervous, which reminds me of my first day at our school.

May the new students’ school lives will be successful and full of happiness!

Please look forward to our blog being updated.