Our pencil cases are amazing now.
Many students have different styles of pencil cases.
We introduced amazing pencil cases that our friends have.

We found more amazing pencil cases.
Today, we’ll introduce a few of them.

This is a salamander.
And mascot is put on it.

This is a laughing cat.

These are very cute penguin and sloth.

You can put pens in and take pens out from its back.

This is a Cheshire Cat.

It is very amazing design.

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The third teacher we will introduce is our math teacher. He is stylish and good at drawing graphs.

Q1: Why do you like math?
A1: Because it is beautiful.
Q2: What food do you like best?
A2: I like pasta generally.
Q3: What do you do on holiday?
A3: I play with my son.
Q4: Lastly, who is your favorite mathematician?
A4: Leonhard Euler.
He was a blind mathematician. (1707~1783)

His answer to my first question made me have goosebumps, but I thought that I would try to study math harder.

Thank you


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We continue to introduce one of our teachers.
This time, we’ll introduce a P.E. teacher through interview!!
She is so powerful and kind to everyone!

Q1: Why did you want to be a P.E. teacher?
A1: Because I really like P.E. and the teacher I encountered was charming.

Q2: What’s your hobby?
A2: It’s reading. I read various books with the goal of reading something every day and introduce them to students.

Q3: Why do you like our school, Seishin?
A3: Because students put their hearts into everything they do.

Q4: Please let me know your motto.
A4: Of course! My motto is ‘NO PAIN, NO GAIN’.

Q5: Lastly, how’s your school life as a teacher?
A5: I spend wonderful school life with students!

Thank you!!

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Practice examinations

We are the second-year senior high school students.
We took practice examinations last Saturday.

These exams continued until the evening.
We were very tired, but we will take the National Center Test for University Admissions in one year.
So we must study for entrance exams.
We will do our best!

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Today we have a lot of snow!!

The train schedule was disrupted a little due to snow.

The ground was thinly covered with snow.

If it snows more, we can make snowmen.

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On January 10th, a special New Year calligraphy contest was held and many of our school students joined it.

At the sound of the drum, everybody began writing.

They had a serous attitude.

Everyone held up their completed works.

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Today, we’d like to introduce one of our teachers.

She teaches us Japanese History.
We asked her some questions.

Question: What memories do you have of your university days?
Answer: After starting to live by myself, I was not scolded if I kept eating only my favorite food, so I was happy. I could read whatever books I liked, and could study as much as I liked. It made me happy. Also, going to Tsushima was a lot of fun for me.

Question: What prefecture do you like most in Japan?
Answer: Okayama prefecture.

Question: Who is your favorite historical person?
Answer: Helen Keller.

Question: What are your favorite sweets?
Answer: I like chocolate and ice cream.

Question: What kind of ice cream do you like?
Answer: Haagen-Dazs.

Question: What do you think is a good aspect of Seishin?
Answer: Seishin is rich in nature. Also there are many students who are very curious, so it’s possible to make lessons with hard content.


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We students spent good times with our families during the winter holidays.
The third term began on January 7th.
All the students came to the opening ceremony.
In the ceremony our principal said that we are given time equally and suggested to us that we make efforts.

After his speech, Julia, who was an exchange student from Germany, made a speech.

Today was the last day we could spend time with her because she was going back to her country.

We were moved by her speech in which she told us, while crying, that she would never forget us and that she thanks us for all our kindness.

And she said she was sure we would meet again “somewhere in the world.”
And then, the student council presented her with message cards.
We were happy that she smiled.


We were sad, but we promised we definitely would see her again!!

We are glad to make many special memories with Julia.
Thank you Julia!!!

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year!
Thank you very much for watching our activities last year.
We’d like to post more articles this year.
Then, a third period will start from January 7th.

It is the Year of the Monkey this year.
These are our New Year’s cards for you.


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