Preparation for Christmas


In Hiroshima, it’s getting colder.
And Christmas is coming soon.
We are preparing for Christmas.
We set the big Christmas tree and wreathes in the entrance.

The 2nd year students of the junior high decorated the school with decorations which are made from combining a lot of pieces of Origami.

They are so colorful and beautiful!

The student council members made Christmas cards for the neighborhood.
Each of them created a card to express the daily thanks.

Do you think these are unique?

We can’t wait for Christmas!!
We wish you a great Christmas.

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We will introduce Julia’s experiences.

In May we held our school festival, where I was in charge of “Wanage” (game where you throw rings on bottles) area and ate lots of delicious food like Yakisoba (fried soba noodles), Takoyaki (octopus balls) and ice-cream.

Next, we watched a spectacular musical called “Beauty and Beast”, where I was really fascinated by the actor’s talents in singing, dancing and acting.
Then came the summer holidays, where I visited a Japanese friend of my German mum who lives near Osaka.

20151126-03 20151126-04
I also went on a Kendo camp on Ninoshima, went to the peace ceremony on August 6th and visited my host family’s grandparents in Yokohama.
20151126-02 20151126-05

In the next blog we will tell you about Julia’s days in September.

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We will introduce Julia’s experiences.


Hi, everyone!
My name is Julia Neubert and I’m an exchange student for Germany.
Since April this year, I’m a student of class ⅠA of Seishin High School.
As sadly my time here is almost over and I have to fly back to Germany on 9th, I’d like to show you a few of my great experiences and the wonderful time I had here at Seishin High School!

Right at the beginning of the year, we went on a school trip to an aquarium called “AQUAS”.
There was a ring-loop-blowing beluga whale called “Happy” and afterwards we blew bubbles, too!!


With the hiking club, I had fun tenting, BBQing, and hiking on Hiroshima prefecture’s highest mountain, Osorakan-zan.


We will introduce Julia’s experiences in May and summer vacation.

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ESS (English Speaking Society)

We are practicing for the Recitation contest now. We are the moderators of the contest. We not only moderate but some of us also take part in it, as three students did this year.

We usually play “shiritori”, “magicalbanana” and bingo in English, and watch videos.

We build friendships together and our club is very exciting.



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Fallen Leaves

It’s getting colder and colder.
The signs of winter are felt.

Leaves are falling.

Cleaning fallen leaves is hard work, but we are deeply impressed by the beautiful red and yellow leaves.

By the way, we cleaned the whole school last Thursday.
We swept and mopped the floor, wiped the windows, and so on.
After we finished cleaning, we felt very refreshed.

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Today, we’ll tell you about hamster of biology club.

Eating a lot of food, he’s big and fat.

It’s getting colder and colder these days, so we set heater for him.

He is playing with a beaker.
He used to bite us, but nowadays we can touch him safely.

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Hello, everyone. It’s our fifth blog about IYCPF. In this blog, we will introduce sightseeing in Miyajima, homestay, bon dancing experience at Senda Elementary School and okonomiyaki.


○ Sightseeing in Miyajima.

We went to Itsukushima Shrine.

We made momiji manju and a rice scoop.


To experience the atmosphere of a Japanese home, foreign members stayed at a Japanese home for one night.

○ Bon Dancing

We joined Bon Dancing Festival which was held at Senda Elementary School. Every one danced to the song “Let’s Go Hiroshima Carp.” This dance is associated with the moves of baseball and everyone enjoyed it through this dance. Non- Japanese members and local people could understand each other though they speak different languages. After we went back to the hotel, all of us were singing the song softly to ourselves.

○ Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a traditional food of Hiroshima. We ate Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at an okonomiyaki restaurant in the city. Muslims can’t eat pork because of religious rules, so, we felt culture differences from this experience. It was really tasty, though.

○ Group Dinner

During the conference, we were divided into seven groups and went out for dinner almost every night.

In the next blog, we will introduce a discussion as a summary of Peace Studies.

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A rainbow appeared this morning.

We could see the rainbow from our schoolyard.

A rainbow is a symbol of fortune.

A lucky day has begun!

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We are the Catholic Study Society. We had a school trip on November 2nd and 3rd.
We visited the National Sanatorium in Nagashima ‘Aiseien’, where people with leprosy used to be sent forcibly.
We also went to Kurashiki which is in Okayama prefecture near Hiroshima.
On the first day, we went to the National Sanatorium in Nagashima ‘Aiseien’ and studied what happened there and about leprosy.

That night, we shared our feelings and discussed prejudice and discrimination.
It was a meaningful time.

The next day was for walking in Kurashiki’s Old Town. That area has very beautiful, old streets and houses, so we enjoyed it!

We want to make good use of such a great experience!
Thank you.

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Pipe Organ Concert

Our chorus club sang in Noborimachi-church last Sunday.
We sing every year there.
This year we sang with an organist and an oboist that came from France for us.


It was difficult to harmonize with each other.
An acoustics of the church was so beautiful that we were surprised ourselves.
We were glad that many people, including a sister from our school, came to listen to our songs.
We want to sing in Noborimachi-church next year!!

Please look forward to our blog being updated.

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