A “Jichin-sai” (Japanese ground-breaking purification ceremony) was held in the playground of our school.
This ceremony is one of Japan’s traditional customs, held before we build a new building to calm the god of land.
This ceremony is usually administered by a Shinto priest, but this time, it was administered by a Father in the Catholic Church.

We prayed that there will be no accidents during the construction, and sang songs for the ceremony.


Finally, the Catholic Father scattered water and salt over the playground to purify the land.

We are all looking forward to our new school building.

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We’re participating in the “Green Baton Movement”, which is a project of support for the disaster area of the Tohoku earthquake.

The term-end examination was over.

The summer vacation is coming soon.

Each grade students reflected on themselves in the first term, and then decided what to do from the second term.



On the last day of the first term we cleaned all the part of our school.

As it was hot day, we got slightly sweaty.

But we were so happy because we made our school clean.



After the cleaning, the closing ceremony was hold.

We sang our school song and listened to our principal.


The summer vacation came at last!!

During the vacation, we have many things that we want to do.

For example, club activities, to swim in the pool and to see the fireworks.

The junior high school students will have school trips in the vacation.06




We wish their pleasant trips.

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We’re participating in the “Green Baton Movement”, which is a project of support for the disaster area of the Tohoku earthquake.

We will raise eight young plants until next spring and send them to the disaster area.

The other day, some students transplanted these trees into larger size pots.

We hope they grow full of vigor!

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The Bridge of Peace

We had our final examinations last Friday.
We feel relieved because the examinations are finished.
It is almost the summer vacation, so we want to have many experiences in addition to studying.
Members of the Stringed Ensemble Club in our school will take part in a concert to pray for peace.
They will play with Umi Gaarret who plays an active part in music in America, the students from other schools and professional musicians of Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.
Umi and the students will act as a bridge between Japan and America and they will play music with the intention of expressing our ideas of peace.
Members of the Stringed Ensemble Club have been instructed by a professional musician and have been practicing since May.
They will play “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”.
The concert will be held in Phoenix Hall in Hiroshima City from 18:30 on July 15th.
We support them.
We want to think about making peace.

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The Swimming Club

We swim in the indoor swimming pool four days a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

We enjoy swimming and make efforts to swim faster.

We had a championship on June 6th and 7th.
Our team won fourth place.
Many students broke individually.
We are very happy about these results.

One month later, we are going to have another championship, so we hope that most of us can do our best.

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The Tohoku Earthquake disaster in 2011 off the Pacific coast occurred on March 11, 2011.

Our school is participating in the “Green Baton Movement” which is a project of the Asahi Newspaper.
This project is to raise young plants from the disaster area of through this year and then plants them back in the disaster area.

Eight dodan-tsutsuji plants sent to our school from Iwate Prefecture on June 24th.

We put them in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary now and she is watching over them.

Next spring, they’ll be planted on the “Sennen Kibou no Oka” in Iwakuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

This hill is being made as part of “a seawall grove” on the Pacific coast using the rubble made by the earthquake.

Dodan-tsutsuji is a compact, medium-sized delicious shrub with ovate leaves turning red and orange in autumn.
Small pure white, urn-shaped flowers in clusters in spring.

Flowers of dodan-tsutsuji

Colored leaves

We will raise them carefully.

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