Julia is a student from Germany, who is studying at our school until January.
She introduced herself in front of all the students of the school.

She’s in the middle of this picture.

The school uniform suits her well.
She takes classes in Japanese.
She speaks Japanese very well!

She does cleaning with her classmates.

Next writing is her comment.

Hajimemashite! My name is Julia Neubert and I’ve been living in Hiroshima for one month now. This week is my third week at school and I’ve already had lots of fun here! My classmates and the teachers are very kind, so it’s nice studying together with them! They help me a lot, because many things here are very different to my old school in Germany and I don’t understand everything, as I still have lacking Japanese skills! I enjoy going to the cooking club, kendo club and hiking club a lot. I’m looking forward to making many friends and having great experiences at Seishin this year! Thank you for welcoming me so warmly at Seishin High school, Julia

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4 students and 1 teacher from the Philippines came to our school.
There was a welcome party during noon recess.

They take some classes and go the school excursion with the first year students at senior high school.
They introduced themselves in Japanese in front of all the students of the school. We hope that they will have a brilliant time here at Seishin.

Next writing are the Naga students’ comments.

Denzz: I like Seishin school. Students are very nice and pretty also. I am so glad to be here. Students are also very friendly and some of the teachers, too. I want to go back here again someday.

Tutey: Entering Seishin, I didn’t expect to see other students greet me every time they see me. Hence, I can really feel the warm welcome they’re showing to us, delegates. Also, in the future, I expect myself to gain a lot of friends from this school. Also, I do hope to still see them, and go back here in Japan. Thank you for showing your camaraderie and hospitality to us, Ateneos! “Mabuhay!”

Ruji: Seishin is awesome. Students greet each other warmly. Because of this program I was able to learn more about the culture of Japan. I even learned some Japanese words from our Japanese language lessons with Sr. Sakimura and from my host family themselves. I really want to come back here at Seishin again someday. Thank you for everything.

Rochell: Seishin is a nice place. I really like it. Students are very friendly and pretty also, as well as the teachers. I hope that I can gain more friends. I hope that I can go bake here to see you all! Thank you for the wonderful experience, for everything! See you again.

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New Students’ Leaders

Our new leaders have been elected.
The former and new leaders had a speech for all the students.


New leaders are very excited to promote our school.


We ‘re looking forward to join their activities.


This is a photo of our students’ leaders of the last and this year.


Next writing is a comment of the new Student Council President

I’m honored to be chosen the representative of our school. I’ll do my best on leading association activities. I’m eager to have a contact with students in other countries.

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The new students’ classes began.
They study English, Math, Science, P.E., Religion and so on.

How carefully they are listening to their teachers!




They are used to their school lives.
They also make more friends.

We hope they have great time in our school.

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2015.4.18diaryIntroducing our school

Introducing our school


There is a slideshow of our school made by senior high school students.

Slideshow of Hiroshima and our school


An Election Campaign

We had an election which chose the next officials of the student council.
See the pictures of the candidates’ posters: a self-portrait or one scene of an animation are painted.

How unique they are!
Election speeches were given by the candidates in order to get as many votes as possible.
One candidate said, “I want to promote exchange between our school and the schools of Notre Dame in the world.”
Another said, “ If I become leader, I will hear what the students say. And I will make our school more interesting.”

All of them had a good speech, so it was difficult for the students to choose.
We hope they’ll make a wonderful school!!

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Life of the New Students


The new students entered our school.
The their life in Seishin junior high school has begun.
They had orientation about their classes, club activities and the life of junior high school students.

There is a steep slope to get to our school.

We students go school going up it every day.
But the new students lose their breath when they finish going up because they have not gotten used to it yet.

Look at the next pictures.

They were visiting the club activities to learn about them.

Message inviting the new seventh grade students to join clubs.

And they are wondering which to choose.
They may feel uneasy about their new environment.
But that’s not necessary.
Our school motto is “Purify your heart and be a person of love.”
Let’s put this into practice!!

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2015.4.13The archived contents

Our school homepage has been updated.

The archived contents of this blog can be accessed by clicking on the following link.


Spring has come.
As it is warm these days in Japan, many living things are beginning to move.

Look at these statues.


They are wearing costumes of a bee, a ladybug and a butterfly.
Don’t you think they are very cute?
The costumes were made by the Home Economic Club students.
They are full of expression.
For example, wings of a butterfly, feelers of a bee and dots of a ladybug.




When the people see them, they must feel a pleasant spring has come.
We are happy to see the costumes made by the students in each season. We are really looking forward to the next costumes!!
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Cherry blossoms in our schoolyard are at their best.

And the season in which a refreshing breeze will blow is coming.